First in “All India Lifestyle Hospital & Clinic for IVF and Fertility Ranking Survey – 2022” by Times of India at the National Level, in the West Region and in Mumbai City for the sixth consecutive year.

TOI Lifestyle Hospitals Clinics Ranking Survey2022 - 12 Nov 22

Our Department has been selected First IVF and Fertility Centre in Mumbai in India at National Level, in West Region and in Mumbai for the sixth consecutive year by the “All India Lifestyle Hospital & Clinic Ranking Survey 2022” carried out by Times of India in 2022.

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First in All India “Times-Top IVF & Fertility Centres in India Ranking Survey – 2020” at National Level for the fourth consecutive year.


Our Department has been selected First IVF Centres in Mumbai in India at national level, in West Zone and in Mumbai for the fourth consecutive year by the all India survey carried out by Times of India in 2019.  

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Our Department was awarded 3 ETHealthworld National Fertility Awards 2019 for Best IVF Clinic, Most Integrated IVF Team and Dr. Firuza Parikh was awarded IVF Icon at the National Level

Our Department has been awarded ETHealthword National Fertility Award 2019 for Best IVF Clinic and Most Integrated IVF Team at the National level. Dr. Firuza R. Parikh has been awarded the IVF Icon of the Year 2019 award.    

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Detection of Y Chromosome Microdeletions by PCR

Y chromosome microdeletions like DAZ (deletion in azoospermia) and RBM (RNA binding motif gene) cause spermatogenic defects. In the Yq arm, intervals V and VI comprise an Azoospermia Factor (AZF) which contains the DAZ and RBM genes. Several genes have been identified within this region and have been proposed candidates for infertility. We now check for 30 different microdeletions in…

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