The CRYOGATT RFID Freezing System

Our IVF Centre has installed the Cryogatt Freezing Susten which is a Safety net for freezing Embryos, Sperm and eggs through Artificial Intelligence so that there is no mixup of samples.

We are the first IVF Centre in Asia to have installed this system.

During IVF, there is a surplus of embryos that are created. These can be stored indefinitely for use later on. Today we also have many women coming forward to freeze their eggs. It’s also routine to store Sperm and testicular tissue.

All of these biological materials are stored at -196 degrees Centigrade and can be indefinitely stored. The samples are placed in straws or vials that are either bar coded or labelled manually. One has to be very careful that there is no mix up of biological samples. Sometimes the labels can become unsticky. In such cases identification of the biological sample can become difficult. Also the correctly labelled straw has to be identified and removed from the other samples in less than 15 seconds. Any longer exposure can damage the biological material. The Cryogatt System bypasses all these difficulties.

How does the Cryogatt System work?

The Cryogatt System has Radio frequency identification that is safe for humans.

Each straw is tagged with a RF Identifier (RFID). A platform containing the software program is placed on the rim of the cryostorage tank. As the straw is being removed, the program’s tagging system identifies the straw and the Reader displays the patient’s name ensuring the right sample is being thawed. This also prevents inadvertent thawing of other samples thereby preventing any human error.


There are instances reported where a mixup of Embryos and Sperm have resulted in the birth of biologically unrelated babies.

Our system will ensure that this human error does not occur.

We currently have more than 13000  eggs and embryos in storage. Our Sperm bank has  6500  samples stored including 900 samples of semen stored for men undergoing chemotherapy.

Each container of up to 100 vials or straws can be read in seconds. This can even take place within a freezer or the vapour phase of a Dewar without the need for samples to be individually handled for identification, thus protecting the material from dangerous temperature rise.

This system completely eliminates the scope of human error.

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