Dual Stimulation IVF

2 in1 IVF: What is double stimulation in IVF?

A human is born with ½ a million eggs. But only 1 egg is released from the ovary every month. During IVF, hormonal injections allow more eggs to be released from the egg pool. Multiple  Follicular waves allow a certain number of eggs to be released. It is now clear that multiple follicular waves can be utilized during IVF cycles. We have introduced dual stimulation during IVF. Once the1st cycle of egg retrieval is completed, we wait for 3 to 5 days and start hormonal injections once again to retrieve the next batch of eggs. Read more about what is double stimulation in IVF? and its benefits.

What is Dual Stimulation in IVF?

Dual Stimulation IVF is a type of in vitro fertilization (IVF) that combines two common treatment methods: ovarian stimulation and intrauterine insemination (IUI). Dual Stimulation IVF may be recommended for patients who have previously tried IUI without success, or for those who have moderate to severe male factor infertility. While each patient’s situation is unique, there are several reasons why Dual Stimulation IVF may be the best treatment option.

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Benefits of Dual Stimulation IVF

One of the main advantages of Dual Stimulation IVF is that it offers a higher success rate than IUI. This is because Dual Stimulation IVF allows for more eggs to be collected, increasing the chances that at least one will be fertilized. Additionally, Dual Stimulation IVF can help to improve the quality of eggs by providing them with optimal growing conditions.

Another reason to choose Dual Stimulation IVF is that it can be less expensive than traditional IVF. This is because only one treatment cycle is required, rather than the multiple cycles often needed with traditional IVF.

Why choose FertilTree?

There are many reasons to choose FertilTree for Dual Stimulation IVF.

  • First, our team is experienced and passionate about helping couples have the children they desire.
  • Second, we use the latest technology available to give our clients the best chance at success.
  • Finally, we offer a comprehensive package of services that other clinics simply don’t provide.

When it comes to experience, no one can match what we have at FertilTree. Our IVF team has over a combined 50 years of experience in reproductive medicine. We have helped thousands of couples conceive and take great pride in being able to assist others in starting or growing their families.

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