Dr. Firuza Parikh awarded the Times Healthcare Achievers Mumbai 2018 Award for excellence in the Medical Fraternity – Times of India


31/5/2018, Times of India, Mumbai Edition


The maiden edition of the Times Healthcare Achievers – Mumbai 2018 recognised excellence in the medical fraternity

The last two decades have been transformative for the global medical industry. Healthcare has become one of India’s largest sectors, both in terms of revenue and employment. With India’s healthcare market targeted to hit $372 billion by 2022, the need for good doctors and healthcare centers across specializations is the need of the hour.

Digital innovations such as online medical advice, athome treatment through virtual connections and various alternative medical treatments has given rise to new business models and has completely changed the way medicine and medical professionals work across India.

In keeping with this, and to recognize the constant efforts of doctors and persons from the medical fraternity, The Times Healthcare Achievers – Mumbai 2018 recently recognized the efforts of masters from the industry. The event celebrated excellence and set benchmark for highest standards of quality medical treatment and innovative treatment approaches in a challenging market. The initiative aims to recognise outstanding measures taken by doctors, healthcare professionals and organisations that drive the industry’s progress.

To help in and expedite the entire process, the jury members were supported by Ernst & Young, the award’s process advisor and official tabulators.

Talking about the growth and expansion of the sector in India, Sudha Natrajan, Director, Times of India – Response, Bennett Coleman and Co Ltd said, “India’s competitive advantage lies in its large pool of well-trained medical professionals. As per the latest data, India stands at 67th rank amongst around 133 developing countries with regard to the number of doctors. With changing lifestyle & climatic changes, there has been a rise in a number of diseases and hence the need for medical professionals with specialized skill sets. While some specialists (doctors) devote their entire life in saving and treating mankind, others spearhead a global revolutionary technology or a particular treatment methodology for the benefit of humans. It is due to these exceptional gems that India is being considered as one of the finest countries for medical treatment. With many specialists available today, its, still a difficult proposition when we want to reach out to a leading one! Times of India, makes it easy for us to reach out to the leading specialists in our region, by creating an honor roll for them through an initiative, Times Healthcare Achievers.”

Chief Guest Pradeep Kumar Vyas, Principal Secretary, (Public Health Department), Government of Maharashtra urged medical professionals to come together and actively support the government’s efforts in making India a country that offers premium healthcare to all its citizens.

At the same time, with more medical tourism crossing Indian borders than ever before, India’s medical and healthcare industry is at an all-time high.

This attributes to India’s global attractiveness as a destination and the effectiveness of different national medical campaigns. However, there is still room for growth. In all, India is well positioned to capture more of the global share of medical tourism. This reinstates the growing importance of the medical and healthcare industry in India, adding to the need for innovation and more support in the field.

Chief Guest Pradeep Kumar Vyas, Principal Secretary, (Public Health Department), Government of Maharashtra and Sudha Natrajan, Director, Times of India – Response, Bennett Coleman and Co Ltd launched Doyens of Healthcare, a coffee table book that acknowledges doctors and healthcare institutions who work relentlessly to create and provide the best practices in healthcare and wellness in Mumbai

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